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    2016 Aldeburgh Documentary Festival
    4 - 6 November 2016





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    The 21st Aldeburgh Documentary Festival 2015 is hailed as the best yet!

    Opening Night – Friday, 13th November 2015

    The 21st Aldeburgh Documentary Festival enjoyed a full house on its Opening Night and the uplifting and heart warming film, Landfill Harmonic directed by Graham Townsley and Brad Allgood was applauded as an excellent choice to open the festival. The film follows a Paraguayan musical youth group who make instruments from recycled rubbish found in one of South America’s largest landfills, and form an unlikely orchestra that is catapulted into the global spotlight.


    The Latin American theme was carried through the evening with cocktails, an array of delicious authentic cuisine provided by family team, Sabor and superb live music by Colombian harpist, Diego Rojas. Guests happily mingled for hours to enjoy the atmosphere and the cosy surroundings of the Studio, a wonderful transformation of the first-floor gallery into a space specially created for supporting events, screenings and masterclasses.

    Saturday, 14th November 2015

    Issues covered in Saturday’s sessions included The Plight of Women in the 21st Century with the screening of India’s Daughter directed by Leslee Udwin, female car racers in the Middle East in Speed Sisters directed by Amber Fares and neo-colonialist exploitation of South Sudan in We Come As Friends directed by Oscar-nominated Hubert Sauper. Each screening was followed by in-depth ‘In Conversation’ sessions with filmmakers, panellists and special guests, including Maysoon Jayyusi, manager of the first all-female racing car team from occupied Palestine, who flew in especially for the event.

    Sunday, 15th November 2015

    It was another full house for Sunday’s screening of My Nazi Legacy followed by a highly insightful Q&A session chaired by Robert Peston, BBC, with the film’s director, David Evans and Human Rights Lawyer, Philippe Sands. In the afternoon, festival goers were privileged to witness Robert Peston present the festival’s award for ‘Outstanding Contribution to Documentary’ to Vanessa Engle, followed by an truly inspirational session with the acclaimed filmmaker who showed excerpts from three decades of her work with the BBC, whilst in conversation with Roly Keating, Chief Executive of the British Library.

    The Studio

    The complete transformation of the first floor gallery by The Lost Picture Show was met with gasps of amazement and proved to be a cosy and intimate space for the excellent supporting events which included a special screening of beautiful film excerpts from the work of filmmaker Les Blank and masterclasses with the enormously talented filmmakers, Vanessa Engle and Hubert Sauper.

    Diana Quick

    The festival’s Artistic Director, Diana Quick hosted the weekend with her characteristic warmth and passion for both friends and colleagues in the film world, and for the eclectic mix of the festival goers.

    The Aldeburgh Documentary Festival continues to grow in popularity year on year, with widening appeal to all ages which this year included students from Suffolk One Sixth Form College, Farlingaye High School and Thomas Mills High School. It provides a unique opportunity to not only see award winning, thought-provoking documentaries, but to hear from the filmmakers themselves in a venue that is perfect for intimate and inspiring conversation. Festival goers came away from each session in a flurry of excited verbal exchange and many expressed how much they had enjoyed the weekend and thought it had been an excellent & varied programme.

    Behind the scenes


    It’s not only the festival goers who enjoy the festival weekend, everybody behind the scenes looks forward to the unique atmosphere and excitement of this annual event.

    The 21st Aldeburgh Documentary Festival 2015 Team

    • Artistic Director: Diana Quick
    • Executive Director: Thomas Gerstenmeyer
    • Festival Chair: Marc Vlessing
    • Festival Producer: Leona Chaliha
    • Programme Advisor: Chris Harris
    • Education Activities Co-Ordinator: Louisa Thorp
    • Festival Social Media Strategist: Julia Filsell-Chapman
    • Aldeburgh Festival Photography: Nick Tipping
    • Website Photography: Bill Jackson
    • Sound & Light: Torben Merriott, Blackwing Ltd
    • Studio Screen: Jim Dumnett, The Lost Picture Show
    • Suffolk Marketing & Publicity: Denise Wrobbel

    The Aldeburgh Cinema Team

    • Business Manager: Tracey Bolden
    • Head of Content Delivery: Dan Champion
    • Chair of Aldeburgh Cinema Trust: Tim Rowan-Robinson
    • Trustees of Aldeburgh Cinema Trust: Diana Quick, David Bettinson, Mike Gidney, Diana Hiddleston, Dr Sally Irvine, Peter Roberts, Marc Vlessing, Harry Young.
    • Friendly Film Theatre Faces: Ellie Hutson, Cathie Joy, Alice Koszykowski, Sharon McMullin, Janice Ofield, Nick Ofield, Karen Parker, Neville Parry, Harry Phillips

    Special Thank You to:

    Sir Graeme Odgers DL for invaluable sponsorship

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