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    Friday 14th November 2014
    Session One - OPENING NIGHT
    6.30pm Festival Opening Night Reception at Aldeburgh Cinema 
    Fine wine, tasty bites, great hospitality
    8.00pm Film Screening BRITISH PREMIERE
    After-screening Q&A with director JONATHAN NOSSITER
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    Saturday 15th November 2014
    11am Session Two – Film Screening

    After-screening Q&A with director MATTHEW TORNE and Hong Kong activist CRYSTAL CHOW CHING
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    3.00pm Session Three –
    Aldeburgh Documentary Festival Lifetime Achievement Award ROGER GRAEF
    With film clips and sequences from 50 YEARS OF MAKING FILMS … AND THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE

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    6.30pm Session Four –
    ‘Global Meets Local’ Evening

    Part One - Film Screening WORLD PREMIERE
    After-screening Q&A with NEVILLE PARRY and director JON SAWARD chaired by PAUL HEINEY
    Followed by Part Two - Film Screening
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    Sunday 16th November 2014
    10.30am Session Five – Film Screening

    Presented by Oscar-winner JOHN BATTSEK
    Followed by
    Chaired by William Sieghart, with HANNA ELIAS
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    3.00pm Session Six - Masterclass
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    6.30pm Session Seven – Film Screening
    After-screening Q&A with EDWYN COLLINS, followed by a live acoustic set of
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    All films are recommended certificate (12A)

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    Individual Session Tickets  
    £13 Regular
    £12 Cinema Club members
    £10 Students & Under 18’s
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    Festival Passes – please note that Festival Passes can only be purchased in person or over the phone, no internet sales are possible
    £78 Regular
    £72 Club members
    £60 Students & Under 18’s
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    The Aldeburgh Documentary Festival celebrates its 20th Anniversary! 

    We have put together a special programme to do justice to this very special occasion. Our day and age has a great many challenges for people and communities, but there are also opportunities to be embraced by cherishing our strengths. All films and sessions illustrate the all-important common ground between local and global, the political and the human, the individual and the universal, covering themes from wine-making and pro-democracy movements to the coming-to-terms with moral duty. Along the way there are life-affirming personal stories of love and loss and adversities overcome.

    We are delighted to announce the World Premiere of Suffolk-made film A LIFE ILLUMINATED: NEVILLE PARRY, CINEMA PROJECTIONIST and the British Premiere of NATURAL RESISTANCE. Oscar-winner JOHN BATTSEK presents extraordinary real-life Palestinian-Israeli spy story THE GREEN PRINCE, followed by fabulous festival debate THE HOLY LAND chaired by WILLIAM SIEGHART. We get a kaleidoscopic look at recent events in former British colony Hong Kong in LESSONS IN DISSENT. A special ‘Global Meets Local’ evening features HAPPINESS, a beautiful film that takes us to the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan. Star musician and lyricist EDWYN COLLINS sings live on stage after the screening of THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS. JOHN BATTSEK returns to centre stage to speak on HOW TO WIN OSCARS WITH RIVETING STORIES. The ‘Aldeburgh Documentary Festival Lifetime Achievement Award’ has been introduced to honour and celebrate outstanding documentary filmmakers from around the world, and could not be presented to a more fitting recipient than the wonderful ROGER GRAEF.

    All festival sessions are listed above complete with screening dates and times, and described in full detail on individual web pages. You’ll also find a brief illustrated look back at the festival’s two decades since 1995. Please keep visiting our website to check on programme and guest updates!

    Join us where global meets local in a joyful and memorable way. Join us for a weekend of celebration, meetings and lively debate, discussion, talk about past, present and future. Join us for the 20th Aldeburgh Documentary Festival in our special, magical community on the edge of the sea!

    Diana Quick, Artistic Director

    Thomas Gerstenmeyer, Executive Director

    Chris Harris, Grierson Trustee & Chief Programme Advisor

    Friday 14 Nov

    Opening Night Reception Sponsored by TA Hotel Collection

    Opening Night Reception Supported by Adnams, Southwold -- The Greenhouse Trust, Norwich – Vinceremos Importers of Organic Wines

    6.30pm Reception for all Ticket Holders
    Fine wines including organic sulphur free wines from Italy -- tasty Italian fingerfood -- great guests and typically wonderful Aldeburgh atmosphere.
    Film Screening
    After-screening Q&A with director Jonathan Nossiter

    Director: Jonathan Nossiter. France / Italy 2014. 86mins. Italian with English subtitles

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    Four Italian winegrowers live a life we all dream of: Giovanna Tiezzi and Stefano Borsa in their converted 11th century monastery and winery in Tuscany find a way to grow grains, fruits and wine that creates a link to their ancient Etruscan heritage; Corrado Dottori and Valerio Bochi, refugees from industrial Milan in their grandfather’s farmstead in the magical Marches labour for a rural expression of social justice; ex-librarian Elena Pantaleoni working her father’s vineyards in Emilia strives to make her estate a utopian reality; and radical farmer poet Stefano Bellotti, the Pasolini of Italian agriculture, who cheerfully and purposefully disrupts everyone's rules from his avant garde farm in the Piedmont. But these contemporary peasants, protagonists of a rapidly spreading European natural wine revolution have encountered fierce resistance. Not everyone believes in an ecologically progressive, economically just and historically rich expression of Italian agriculture. Ten years after director Nossiter’s global hit MONDOVINO, the wine world has changed just like the world itself. The enemy is now far greater than the threat of globalisation. It’s everywhere and nowhere. It’s them. It’s us. These natural wine rebels against the ‘New World Economic Order’ offer a model of charmed and joyous resistance. NATURAL RESISTANCE mixes documentary and fiction in the hope of stirring the hidden rebel inside all of us. Naturally.
    About the director
    Jonathan Nossiter is an American-Brazilian film director, producer and author, and also a trained sommelier who made wine lists for restaurants in New York, Paris and Rio. His films include MONDOVINO (2004), a ‘human comedy set in the wine world’, one of only three documentaries ever nominated for the Palme D’Or at the Cannes Film Festival, released in over 40 countries and turned into a ten-part TV series. He also made SIGNS AND WONDERS (2000) with Charlotte Rampling and Stellan Skarsgard; black comedy SUNDAY (1997) starring David Suchet and Lisa Harrow; and RESIDENT ALIEN (1991), a documentary comedy set in the Manhattan bohemia featuring Quentin Crisp, John Hurt, Sting and Holly Woodlawn. His book ‘Liquid Memory’, first published in France as ‘Le Goût & Le Pouvoir’ in 2007, won the World Gourmand Award for Best Book of Wine Literature in 2008.
    Saturday 15 November 2014
    Session Two 11.00am
    Film Screening

    After screening Q&A with director Matthew Torne and Hong Kong activist Crystal Chow
    Director: Matthew Torne.
    Hong Kong/UK 2012-14.
    Cantonese with English subtitles

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    A vivid portrait of a young generation of Hong Kong citizens committed to creating a new democratic Hong Kong. Schoolboy Joshua Wong dedicates himself to stopping the introduction of National Education whilst former classmate Ma Jai fights against political oppression on the streets and in the courts. The film catapults the viewer onto the streets of Hong Kong and into the heart of the action, confronting us with Hong Kong's oppressive summer heat, stifling humidity and air thick with dissent. Filmed over 18 months this is a kaleidoscopic experience of an epic struggle. The film was a huge success in Hong Kong cinemas. In the light of recent pro-democracy developments in Hong Kong’s ‘umbrella revolution’ it seems as if the students only just started this struggle. Questions remain over the future of Hong Kong’s institutional democracy, prosperity and identity, not least due to Beijing’s reaction to demands for universal suffrage which ultimately triggered protests and police action on a scale never before seen in the former British colony.

    About the director
    Director Matthew Torne moved to Hong Kong in 2003 amid the chaos of the SAR outbreak and turmoil of the Article 23 controversy and immediately fell in love with the city. After completing a Masters degree at Oxford University on Hong Kong’s post-1997 political development, he worked as an Associate Producer for the Sundance film festival winning documentary ENEMIES OF THE PEOPLE before making LESSONS IN DISSENT. This is his feature documentary directorial debut.
    On the film
    Hong Kong’s youth are scarcely known for being political animals. Doing well at school, finding a decent job and getting their hands on the latest iPhone tend to be higher priorities than politics. Yet a breed of young activists is challenging the presiding apathy, riding a wave of political activism that is sweeping the city. (from The Economist, 4 July 2014)
    Chris Patten on the former British colony
    Lord Patten, Britain’s final colonial governor before Hong Kong was transferred to Chinese rule in 1997, says the UK has obligations under its joint declaration with China to guarantee the territory’s way of life for 50 years. Lord Patten calls into question Britain’s ‘sense of honour’ in failing to condemn China’s planned reforms in Hong Kong. Ministers had ‘moral responsibilities’ for what happened in Hong Kong. (from the Financial Times, 2 Sep 2014)

    Saturday 15 November 2014
    Session Three 3.00pm

    The Aldeburgh Documentary Festival Lifetime Achievement Award
    Live on stage conversation illustrated with clips and sequences from key works
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    Roger Graef OBE is an award-winning observational documentary filmmaker, criminologist, and writer. As a filmmaker he specialises in high quality factual programmes. In 2004 Roger was the first documentary maker awarded the BAFTA Fellowship Lifetime Achievement Award. In 2006 he received an OBE for services to filmmaking and broadcasting. He founded film production company, ‘Films of Record’ in 1979 and was the company’s CEO until 2014 in which year he also celebrated 50 Years in Film. He is now Chair of Films of Record, and returned to directing. His latest film is MONTY PYTHON: THE MEANING OF LIVE, his fourth film with them, including THE SECRET POLICEMAN’S BALL. As writer, director, producer and executive producer he has been responsible for more than 160 documentaries on social issues, science, current affairs, criminal justice and the arts. Roger Graef developed the ‘fly on the wall’ technique in Britain – gaining unprecedented access to boardrooms, ministries and institutions. His film on rape in the Bafta winning series POLICE, changed the way police handle rape victims. He was also the first to devise a documentary TV co-production. Roger Graef was a founding board member of Channel 4, and board member of the BFI, London Transport( for whom he co-designed the bus map), and the ICA. Roger was Visiting Professor of Media and Communications at Oxford and Bournemouth universities. Since 1999, he has been an advisor on race to the Metropolitan Police Independent, and since 1992 Chair of the theatre company Complicité . As a criminologist, he is Visiting Professor at the Mannheim Institute of Criminology, LSE, and author of ‘Talking Blues, Police in Their Own Words’; ‘Living Dangerously, Young Offenders in Their Own Words’, and ‘Why Restorative Justice?’ In 1995 Roger Graef took part in the first ever ‘Mini Festival of Documentary Films’ at Aldeburgh Cinema with ’A Space Between Words – Diplomacy’, and has been an invaluable supporter of the Aldeburgh Documentary Festival ever since.  
    Selected Filmography (as Director/Producer/Writer/Executive Producer)
    2014 Monty Python: The Meaning of Live (co-director with James Rogan)
    2013 CERNpeople (google/youtube)
    2010-11 Panorama Specials (BBC): The Truth About Adoption; Kids in Care
    2011 Storyville (BBC): Amnesty! When They Are All Free
    2011 Dispatches (Channel 4): The Truth About Going Under the Knife
    2011 Ready for a Riot
    2010 Storyville (BBC): The Trouble with Pirates
    2010 Requiem for Detroit? Grierson Award for Best Historical Documentary
    2008 Classroom Chaos (Channel 5)
    2007 Searching for Madeline
    2009 Hold Me Tight, Let Me Go (BBC/PBS) IDFA Joris Ivens Award for Best Documentary
    2009 The Truth About Crime (BBC series)
    2009 Cutting Edge (Channel 4): The Millionaire and the Murder Mansion
    2009 Web Lives (
    2009 This World (BBC): Inside A Sha’ria Court
    2008 The Burning Season (BBC/SBS)
    2008 Revealed (Channel 5/PBS): Was Crippen Innocent?
    2007 Race for the Beach
    2005-2006 This World (BBC): Blood and Land; Property to Die For
    2005 Who Killed My Baby? (Channel 4)
    2005 Potters Bar: Search for the Truth (BBC)
    2005 Witness (Channel 4): Keeping it in the Family
    2003-04 Rail Cops
    2004 Arena (BBC): Remember the Secret Policeman's Ball?
    2002 Feltham Sings (Channel 4) Bafta for Best Documentary
    2001 Police 2001 (BBC)
    2000 Race Against Crime (Channel 4)
    1999 Masters of the Universe (Channel 4)
    1996 Breaking The Cycle (ITV)
    1995-1996 In Search of Law and Order - US & UK (Channel Four/PBS)
    1993 Turning the Screws (Channel Four)
    1989 The Secret Life of the Soviet Union (Channel Four)
    1988 Closing Ranks (ITV)
    1986 Comic Relief
    1982 Police (Series Producer/Director with Charles Stewart) Bafta for Best Documentary Series
    1979 The Secret Policeman's Ball (ITV)
    1978 Inside Europe (ITV)
    1978 Italy: Chain Reaction
    1978 Decision: British Communism (ITV) RTS Award for Best Current Affairs Documentary
    1976 Decision (series producer/director of ‘Steel’ / ‘Oil’ / ‘Rates’)
    1976 Pleasure at Her Majesty's (BBC)
    1973-1975 The State of the Nation (ITV): Inside the Brussels HQ; Life Inside the Ministry
    1972 The Space Between Words (BBC/PBS): Diplomacy / Politics / Work / School / Family
    1970 In the Name of Allah (BBC/PBS/BR)
    1968 Why Save Florence? (BBC/PBS/BR)
    1967 Who Is? (Arts series for BBC/PBS/CBC/BR)
    1966 The Life and Times of John Huston, Esq. (BBC/CBC/PBS) Emmy nomination
    1965 To The Manor Born (CBC)
    1965 The Man from Sotheby’s (CBC)
    1964 One of Them Is Brett. Winner Cracow Film Festival
    Saturday 15 November 2014
    Global Meets Local’ Evening - Session Four
    Far away, so close … the seduction and impact of technology, the potent and bittersweet effects of progress

    6.30pm Film Screening
    (Double Feature)
    Part One:

    After-screening Q&A with Neville Parry, and producer and director Jon Saward chaired by Paul Heiney
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    Director/Producer: Jon Saward. UK (Suffolk) 2014. 40mins
    Invaluable help from Humphrey Burton, George Cox, Jake Doolin,
    Tim Hetherington, Tim Holmes, Kevin Macleod, Emily Simmonds,
    Darren Simons, Eli Turay, Simon Wild
    Cast -
    Neville Parry: Himself; Thomas Gerstenmeyer: Himself; Paul Amos: Himself; David Cleveland: Himself; Dan Champion: Himself; Wayne Burns: Himself; Susan Harrison: Herself; Diana Quick: Herself; Young Neville Parry: Jacob Saward; Teenage Neville Parry: George Cox

    At close to 82 years old Neville Parry is believed to be the oldest working projectionist in the UK if not the world. Told through a mix of interviews, re-enactments, animation, archive footage and plenty of behind the scenes sequences, the film is a fascinating insight into one man’s lifelong love affair with cinema in his role as a projectionist. Neville’s life story is the window onto what happened in the UK cinema industry over the last 70 years. Neville has witnessed every development in cinema technology from the coming of colour to digital projection. Through it all he has remained loyal and constant in cherishing the cinema experience and his philosophy to make sure he puts on ‘a good show’ for the audience. Over the last 40 years he has been the lifeblood of the Aldeburgh Cinema, devoting himself to preserving both the cinema and the movie magic of his youth. The film also provides a privileged and nostalgic behind the scenes look at ‘old school’ 35 mm film projection at work. It is a touching look back to a bygone time and also reunites Neville with some early cinema equipment and the cinema he fell in love with and where he learned his craft. Neville’s cheeky personality, his perfectionism and selflessness radiate throughout the film. He is delightful company as he takes us on a wistful journey through the past seven decades.

    The making of A LIFE ILLUMINATED was initiated by Aldeburgh Cinema Club member Alan Eklid.
    About the director Jon Saward
    With a passion for moving image storytelling from an early age Jon Saward specialises in personal stories and low budget multi-role film-making. He produced and directed documentary ‘Radiant Child’ for ITV, getting inside the world, minds and work of three infamous and acclaimed London graffiti artists, and continued to work on TV programmes such as Coronation Street, Emmerdale, Cold Feet and Tonight.
    For the last ten years he has worked as a film and media lecturer. A LIFE ILLUMINATED is his first major individual work as producer and director in more than twenty years.
    Saturday 15 November 2014
    ‘Global Meets Local’ Evening - Session Four

    Far away, so close … the seduction and impact of technology, the potent and bittersweet effects of progress

    6.30pm Film Screening (Double Feature Part Two) Part Two: Film Screening
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    Director: Thomas Balmes. UK/France/Germany 2014. 76mins. Bhutanese with English subtitles

    King Jigme Wangchuck approved the use of television and Internet throughout the largely undeveloped nation of Bhutan in 1999, assuring the masses that rapid development was synonymous with the ‘gross national happiness’ of his country, a term he himself coined. HAPPINESS begins at the end of this process as Laya, the last remaining village tucked away within the Himalayan kingdom, becomes enmeshed in roads, electricity, and cable television. Through the eyes of an eight-year-old monk impatient with prayer and eager to acquire a TV set, we witness the seeds of this seismic shift. The young boy for the first time discovers cars, toilets, colourful club lights, and countless other elements of modern life. The film beautifully illuminates the seduction of technology and its rapid encroachment on an ancient way of life, reminding us how complicated and bittersweet the effects of progress can be.  
    About the Director
    Thomas Balmès has worked as an independent documentary director and producer since 1992. He brings us to people, places and sharply contrasting situations that reveal our society from different and completely new angles. His multiple award-winning films include MAHARAJAH BURGER about the mad cow crisis from an Indian perspective; THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO THE PAPUANS following a Papuan Chief’s conversion to Christianity; and BABIES which takes a look at one year in the life of four babies from around the world, from Mongolia to Namibia to San Francisco to Tokyo.
    Sunday 16 November 2014

    Film Screening
    Presented by OSCAR-winning producer John Battsek
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    Director: Nadav Schirman.
    Germany / Israel / UK 2013. 99mins.


    More extraordinary than fiction! Screened to acclaim at Sundance, this searing film investigates the true story of Mosab Yousef, the son of Palestinian agitator and Hamas co-founder Sheikh Hassan Yousef, who agreed to spy on his father for the Israelis. A Palestinian in Ramallah, Mosab Hassan Yousef grows up angry and ready to fight Israel. Arrested for smuggling guns at the age of 17, he’s interrogated by the Shin Bet, Israel’s security service, and sent to prison. But shocked by Hamas’s ruthless tactics in the prison and the organisation’s escalating campaign of suicide bombings outside, Mosab agrees to spy for Israel. For him, there is no greater shame. For his Shin Bet handler, Gonen, there is no greater prize than ‘operating’ a high ranking Hamas official’s son ... Based on Yousef’s memoir, ‘Son of Hamas’, THE GREEN PRINCE is a story of two men, spy and handler, whom history insists must be adversaries. That they could reach a point of trust or friendship seems absurd. Caught in a tangled web of intrigue, terror, and betrayal we witness a surprisingly emotional journey. Ultimately THE GREEN PRINCE is less about political struggle than personal coming-to-terms with responsibility and moral duty.
    Screening followed by

    12.30pm The Aldeburgh Documentary Festival Debate

    Chaired by William Sieghart

    Duration 60 minutes
    THE HOLY LAND is used as a term by Jews, Christians and Muslims. We associate with it centuries of rich culture, and a complex, often violent history that has affected global civilisation since time immemorial. Endless individual lives have been shaped by what is too easily seen as an inevitable cycle of conflict. To counteract this corrosiveness it is essential to get to know the other as fellow human beings and, as Gandhi said, to see them not as the enemy but as a friend you have yet to meet.

    Filmmaker HANNA ELIAS has dedicated his life and work to bridging the divide between Jews and Arabs. He made his feature film THE OLIVE HARVEST in Ramallah with an Israeli crew and Palestinian actors, has raised funds in Los Angeles to enable Arabic and Jewish teenagers to meet and get to know one another, and worked with the Children TV Workshop to produce the very first Palestinian Israeli Sesame Street: Saraa Semsem / Rehove Sumsum.
    3.00pm Masterclass
    JOHN BATTSEK & PASSION PICTURES: HOW TO WIN OSCARS WITH RIVETING STORIES - An Illustrated Conversation between John Battsek and Diana Quick  
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    JOHN BATTSEK is a multi-award-winning documentary producer who runs the film department at Passion Pictures. He has overseen the production of a large number of highly acclaimed films over the past decade, these include 2013 BAFTA and OSCAR-winning SEARCHING FOR SUGAR MAN, BAFTA winner THE IMPOSTER, 1999 OSCAR winner ONE DAY IN SEPTEMBER, Oscar nominated RESTREPO and shortlisted SERGIO and THE TILLMAN STORY, Grierson Award Winners THE AGE OF STUPID and FIRE IN BABYLON, triple Emmy nomina
        JOHN BATTSEK Filmography
    2014 The Green Prince
    2013 How I Live Now
    2012 Searching for Sugar Man
    2012 The Imposter
    2011 Project Nim
    2011 Bob & the Monster
    2011 Better This World
    2011 Koran by Heart
    2010 Restrepo
    2010 The Stones in Exile
    2010 The Tillman Story
    2010 Fire in Babylon
    2009 The Age of Stupid
    2008 Sergio
    2007 My Kid Could Paint That
    2007 In Prison My Whole Life
    2006 Once in a Lifetime: The Extraordinary Story of the New York Cosmos
    2006 In the Shadow of the Moon
    2006 Crossing the Line
    2005 Black Sun
    2005 A State of Mind
    2004 Peace One Day
    2004 Lila Says (Lila Dit Ca)
    2003 Live Forever: The Rise and Fall of Brit Pop
    2002 The Game of Their Lives
    1999 One Day in September
    is an author and actor whose critically acclaimed work spans stage, television, radio and film. Well known for her role as ‘Julia’ in Brideshead Revisited her memoir of her family in India, A Tug On The Thread, is published by Virago. She has been the Aldeburgh Documentary Festival’s Artistic Director since 2010.
    Sunday 16 November 2014
    Session Seven

    Film Screening

    In the presence of EDWYN COLLINS and GRACE MAXWELL
    Followed by a Q&A session, after which EDWYN COLLINS will treat us to a live acoustic set of some of his songs.
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    Directors: James Hall & Edward Lovelace. UK 2014. 83mins.

    Imagine your mind has been wiped: memories, knowledge, experiences, language, every word you ever spoke has vanished. If eventually you found the words, what would you say? This is the incredible story of Edwyn Collins, celebrated songwriter and lyricist who had the contents of his mind effectively deleted by a stroke. After waking up Edwyn could only say two phrases, 'Grace Maxwell' and 'The Possibilities Are Endless’. Placed inside Edwyn's mind, we embark on a remarkable journey from the brink of death back to language, music, life and love. With the help of his wonderful wife Grace, Edwyn submerges himself in a landscape of memories as he tries to unlock the story of his past. More than a story of determination against all odds this touching film is an intimate and life-affirming tale of rediscovery. Edwyn Collins: “Before my stroke my songwriting was a slow process. But after my stroke I want to get to the results. I’m fast and furious these days – I want to crack on with things. I feel that I must do that.”
      “The filmmakers dig beauty out of tragedy …
    a remarkable film -
    Henry Barnes, The Guardian

    “Thoroughly entrancing”
    Andrew Barker, Variety

    “A love story, a tale of dedication, mystery and memory”
    Phil Gallo, Billboard
    Edwyn Collins (born Edinburgh 1959) is a lyricist, musician, producer and record label owner, famous for his 1994 song ‘A Girl Like You’. He became widely known with his band Orange Juice in the 1970s and has pursued a solo career since 1985. He has also worked as an illustrator, television actor, television producer and record producer, and is an Ivor Novello Award-winner.

    A Brief Illustrated History of the Aldeburgh Documentary Fe
    The Aldeburgh Cinema Documentary Film Festival was set up in 1995 by Molly Dineen, documentarist extraordinaire with strong links to the local Sieghart family, substantial festival supporters from the outset. With writer Craig Brown as curator it instantly attracted great film-makers to the seaside to present their work. The inaugural festival weekend 25th and 26th November 1995 came under the (rather wonderful) banner ‘Mini Festival of Documentary Films’. It showcased Molly Dineen’s ‘Home From The Hill’, everlasting festival friend Roger Graef made a first appearance with ‘A Space Between Words – Diplomacy’ while Jonathan Gili also took part with ‘To The World’s End’. Since these ‘mini’ beginnings the Aldeburgh Documentary Festival has over the years seen many acclaimed and award-winning film-makers introduce their work to sell out audiences. To name but a few (in alphabetical order): Sir David Attenborough, Nick Broomfield, Melvyn Bragg, Dan Cruickshank, Hugh Fearnely Whittingstall, Nick Fraser, Stephen Fry, Ian Hislop, Kim Longinotto, Kevin MacDonald, Tony Palmer, Norma Percy, Michael Portillo, Griff Rhys Jones, Simon Schama, Julien Temple, Louis Theroux, Leslie Woodhead, and many many more. Since 2010 Artistic Director Diana Quick has continued to curate a special weekend with the intent of showcasing that fact is more riveting than fiction, and doing so in the uniquely informal and informed atmosphere of Aldeburgh.
    Recent festival themes:

    Gobal megacities

    America’s covert wars
    Multicultural London
    Music and Image
    Press Freedom
    Living History
    Thomas Gerstenmeyer and Grierson Trustee Chris Harris joined the team in 2012 to further enhance the Aldeburgh Documentary Festival as a centre of excellence in documentary, a commitment underlined by Aldeburgh Cinema’s regular year-round programme of the world’s best documentary filmmaking. As Diana Quick wrote in The Guardian in 2010: “Where once you had pure reportage, now you have an investigation into the truth, a truth that can be subjective. Documentaries often appear to be one thing, then, once you're inside, they take you somewhere fresh, unexpected, and truly life-enhancing. Aldeburgh Documentary Festival 2014 Panel Chairs,
    Presenters, Interviewers
    Radio 4 broadcaster, host of Midweek for 32 years, Times columnist , novelist and theatre critic (formerly Times Chief Critic, currently She was formerly the first woman presenter of the TODAY programme. She lives in Dunwich and Oxford.
    PAUL HEINEY Writer and TV presenter, known for That's Life in the 80's, several documentaries, and lately WATCHDOG and currently ITV's COUNTRYWISE. He has written extensively about organic farming and his own ten-year experiment in a Suffolk farm. His biography of Willem Kolff, wartime pioneer of dialysis, is THE NUTS AND BOLTS OF LIFE; his own memoir ONE WILD SONG, of sailing to Cape Horn and back, largely singlehanded, is out in the New Year. WILLIAM SIEGHART
    William has had a distinguished career in publishing and the arts. He founded Forward Publishing in 1988, one of London’s leading magazine publishers. Winning Words is a national initiative conceived by William to incorporate poetry into the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.
    Aldeburgh Documentary Festival 2014 Team
    Artistic Director:
    Diana Quick
    Executive Director:
    Thomas Gerstenmeyer
    Chief Programme Adviser & Grierson Trustee:
    Chris Harris
    Chief General Adviser:
    Marc Vlessing
    Hospitality & Executive Assistants:
    Jo Charles, Ellie Hutson
    Chair of Aldeburgh Cinema Trust:
    Tim Rowan-Robinson
    Publicity and PR
    Alyson Tipping
    Head of Content Delivery:
    Dan Champion

    Head of Operations:
    Abby Crane

    Friendly Front-of-House Faces:
    Barbara Bull, Cathie Joy, Sharon McMullin
    Technicians / projectionists:
    Vivian Fox, Steve Mann, Neville Parry, A N Other
    Sound & Light: Torben Merriott, Blackwing
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