Matinées Musicales 4

Sunday 2 April 2017 at 3.00pm

Roger Wright, chief executive Snape Maltings, is now a familiar figure in Suffolk’s music-making after a career which saw him at various times in charge of symphony orchestras in the UK and the USA, running an international recording company in Germany and for close on two decades guiding the fortunes of the Proms and BBC Radio 3. To complete this season of two-handers. Roger has kindly agreed to swap favourite opera and classical music videos with host Humphrey Burton, who reports that “we shall take turns to be Kirsty Young, or should that be Roy Plomley?” There are no clues yet as to what the choices will be, but past experience of Roger’s conversations with Humphrey at the Matinées Musicales suggests that the audience can expect some lively and revealing reminiscences from two music-lovers whose professional careers have brought them into contact with many of the world’s leading players.