Sunakali – Teenage Girls Journey to Glory

Wed 8 - Sat 25 Feb

Studio Pop-Up Screen

Nepal 2014. 51mins. English subtitles. Director: Bhojraj Bhat

For the girls of the remote Mugu region in Western Nepal, opportunities are rare: 90% of women are illiterate, and over 60% are married before 20. Yet somehow, out of a region where there isn’t a single field large enough to host a game, a truly inspiring team of young female football players emerges, throwing some long-overdue contrasting light upon their multi-millionaire professional counterparts. After getting their first taste of competition – and defeat – whilst representing their school in a regional championship, Team Mugu is invited to participate in the national championship, requiring a two-day trek to the closest airstrip to get there. This was the first time any of the girls had left Mugu. Can they and their talismanic leader and goalscorer Sunakali realise their goals, do their region proud, and have any effect on the Mugu perception of women?

Winner of numerous international awards including: Milano International Film Festival, Italy 2015 -- Lugano International Film Festival, Italy 2016 -- Mountain Life Bergfilmfestival Tegernsee, Germany 2015 -- Sport Media Pearl Awards Abu Dhabi 2015 -- Bansko Film Festival 2015 -- Bilbao Mendi Film Festival 2015