Forthcoming films at Aldeburgh Cinema



Fri 19 to Thu 25 Sep daily at 7.30pm. Sat 20, Sun 21 & Wed 24 Sep also at 3.00pm

It’s 1984 and the Miners’ Strike is causing great hardship, especially in one remote Welsh pit village. Despite some misgivings, a group of young gay activists led by bolshy Mark Ashton (Ben Schnetzer) decide to raise money for the community, but when they travel down to deliver the funds they’re unprepared for the homophobia that greets them.



The Hundred-Foot Journey


Fri 26, Sat 27, Sun 28, Mon 29 Sep & Thu 2 Oct at 7.30pm
Sat 27 Sep & Wed 1 Oct at 3.00pm

Displaced from their native India by sectarian conflict, Papa Kadam and his family take their epicurean passions to a picturesque French town, where they open a traditional Indian eatery. Trouble is, right across the road is a posh, Michelin-starred restaurant run by Madame Mallory (Mirren). Rather like his CHOCOLAT, Hallström’s sensuously photographed film is as much foodie-porn as engagingly offbeat romantic drama.



A Most Wanted Man


Fri 3, Sat 4, Mon 6, Tue 7 & Thu 9 Oct at 7.30pm
Sun 5 & Wed 8 Oct at 3.00pm

In Corbijn’s (THE AMERICAN) appropriately shadowy adaptation of John le Carré’s post-9/11 thriller, Philip Seymour Hoffman plays the head of Hamburg’s anti-terrorist unit on the trail of a jihad mastermind. With perfectly calibrated plot twists courtesy of LANTANA screenwriter Andrew Bovell executed in understated style, this is a great ensemble piece with characters rather than individual actors driving the action.



Hector and the Search for Happiness


Sat 4 Oct at 3.00pm
Wed 8 Oct at 7.30pm

Hector (Simon Pegg) is a young London shrink with serious doubts about the existence of true happiness. So he brashly jets off around the world to try to find it in a stylish, star-studded feel-good adventure.



A Night at the Cinema in 1914


Sun 5 Oct at 7.30pm

Cinema a century ago was a new, exciting and highly democratic form of entertainment. Picture houses nationwide offered a sociable, lively environment in which to relax and escape from the daily grind. With feature films still rare, the programme was an entertaining, ever-changing roster of short items with live musical accompaniment.



Before I Go To Sleep


Fri 10, Sun 12, Mon 13 & Tue 14 Oct at 7.30pm
Sat 11 & Wed 15 Oct at 3.00pm

Following an accident, Christine (Kidman) wakes up every morning without any memory of her past or even who she is. She relies on her husband, Ben (Firth), to get through the day, but when she begins seeing a sympathetic doctor (Strong), she gradually discovers that her situation and especially her marriage are not what they seem.



Finding Vivian Maier


Sun 12 Oct at 3.00pm
Wed 15 Oct at 7.30pm

When John Maloof stumbled upon a huge cache of negatives, they led to the posthumous discovery of an unsung genius – Vivian Maier, now hailed as one of the finest street photographers of the 20th century. This film pays tribute to her life and work.